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 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 12/15/2013 12:12:29 AM
MOOD: 111111 «
  [coexisting within apathy]

...and almost 2 months again. Sorry, but had some things going on that I wanted to write about but weren't cleared for public release yet.

And who wants to write more than one of these things a month? lol ;)

OK, so followup/recap stuff:
1) Just under 3 points at work, and none coming off till the 23rd. Still I'm feeling pretty good about not missing work right now. (On the other hand, it's a Saturday night, and I'm planning on being out late Sunday, so that may change quickly).

Also work-related: My call times are back where they're supposed to be, after a really horrible month. So I guess that's good.

2) Job apps? what are those? -sigh-

3) ninjas: just passed the second exam (team combat) and have a session or two of downtime/scouting/plotwork that I have to come up with tonight, mostly. Hah.

5) Finished BGC2040; had a stereotypically "whatthe huh now?" anime ending, which was kinda sad. More of a "well NOW where's the story gonna go?" but... ::shrugs:: I guess I'll stick with Drunkard's Walk. (Gotta reread that soon!)

Currently watching Stein's Gate w/ TGB. It's had some great moments, but at episode 18 I don't know that it's gonna get an A. Still, it has a lot of opportunity left. And it's a time-travel show that is having a lot of trouble defeating destiny, which is always a good thing.

6) Kotomi-chan: I've only gotten to undervolt her a little thus far; still running too hot for sustained folding on more than 4 cores. May play with the case fan directions again as well, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna replace the heatsink after all with Xmas monies.

Also, power supply had to be replaced, which is not a good sign as young as she is. Bought a more expensive, higher-wattage one, and that was maybe two months ago, but everything is 'normal' since then.

7) TGB's been cooking, so I've been interspersing bread with that.
Still had just bread for dinner tonight though :)

Mostly though, I blame Thanksgiving's large meals for making me try to hibernate, and the attempted hibernation for my sudden desire for more than just bread with dinner :p

8) Never did anything with that lump, and a couple weeks after my last update, it vanished on it's own! I do have some kind of hard little nodule there now. Doubt that'll be the first thing to kill me though ;)

9) Yup, break from Swamp Village, and I'm a pyro in a GURPS game. Who has barely lit anything on fire, just been using a set of lockpicks to mess with people. Also, apparently she really hates gunfire.

New/recap stuff:
1) Lots of snow, but then I think you all knew that ;)
It's been a really nice winter so far this year, and it's technically not even winter yet! We've had a week at least of sub-freezing temps, I'm pretty sure; today went to 25 or so and rained away all the snow, but a white Christmas is not unimaginable! Yay!

Also, Kotomi-chan is a very good space heater.

OK, so here's the news I've been holding off on posting:
TGB and I are moving into a townhouse out near Hilliard, quite a bit closer than 10 miles to our respective workplaces. Looking at Jan 17 or 18 move-in dates. I'm asking for both off work, and will pick the best option once we have a better idea of exactly what is happening with it. I still have a bit of paperwork to do for it (and Xmas cards to try to mail).
Shouldn't need any help with the actual moving, but if anyone enjoys that kind of thing you're welcome to show up! :D
I also expect to have some sort of Open House or moving-in party sometime as well, so contact me if that sounds like fun ^^

In other new, unrelated news, I'll be traveling back to Shadyside/Moundsville and environs for the Psych Musical tomorrow night. Looks like Lou and my mum and mebbe Tim and mebbe Erin and mebbe James? I don't have a clue if he likes that show.

Anyray, Merry Christmas everybody!
I APPROVE!!!!!11one I DISAPPROVE!!!!!11


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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 10/24/2013 12:38:04 AM
MOOD: irritated «
  [should I call to arms?]

Yosh, not quite a month this time!

1) So I've been late several times this month, most of which were < 15 minutes and so I don't think they should count (as they don't hurt my pocketbook) but my job disagrees. If I'm not late the rest of the month I'll be where I want to be though... Still, it's 6 more workdays.

2) Still haven't done any job apps -_- and never got that contact info from Jason, either. Bah.

3) Got mostly caught up w/ ninjas; short sessions are short but the group managed to short-circuit most of the second exam, which is pretty awesome, so they'll pass that part on the first night and get to hang out and see what they do for a couple days after.

4) Spending WAY too much time in Star Craft 2. Found a co-op defense map that is amazingly fun. Bah.

5) Mostly through BGC2040... Not so much of a fan of it, mostly because the monster-of-the-week feel of the first half just DROPPED the boomer classifications from the first series...
...just because I can't remember anything beyond the 33-S series classification doesn't mean the others didn't exist or make sense. Was there a Bu-66? Or is my imagination making that up? Also, Dobermans. and the
OK, so they kept the K-series battle suits, and they kept proper names or the major characters (though I was starting to wonder about Quincy since I'm not used to seeing his last name for some reason), but they scrapped a lot of stuff from the first series, which is mostly what I've been exposed to.

On the other hand, once they introduced Galatea it's been a wonderfully plot-centric roller coaster. I'm pretty happy with it since then, and expect to give it a B ranking overall.
[PS: Galatea surprised me. I think I've only encountered her once, so I always assumed she was from BGCrash instead. I guess all the old fans just didn't have much love for the new series?]

6) And this time we DID have a TPK. Well, guess next week we'll see how that actually works out...

New/recap stuff:

1) Visiting the twins has been postponed to this upcoming Tues, due to a shift in Briar Village scheduling.

2) Got some 'real' thermal paste and finally found out that to have a heatsink off, one must twist it off first. Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find that? -sigh-
So now Kotomi's temps are back to sane (I still haven't looked into undervolting her) but... she shut down on me one evening, had to reseat power to the power supply and restart, and since then the power supply has been making a nasty high-pitched sound. Not a good sign, but until she shuts down again (or I get fed up with the noise) I'm not gonna look into power supplies. Jason had to get one the other week and they're just a bit more cash than I want to spend like that. (Tags and license renewal were $150, but that was a PLANNED expense.)

3) Still mostly having bread for dinner. Its interesting, and keeps me from having to worry about making food, or whether I like it.

4) Still have that lump in my lip... Guess I need to find a way to put that in my budget. Blah.

Uncovered:, not much? Might be playing my pyro in a GURPS game while Tim takes a break from the Swamp Village. Supposed to give the GM a first look at her Fri night after work.
Aside from that, it's been mostly Star Craft and poking occasionally at Briar Village.

Oh! Apparently I missed the first snowfall of the season last night. TGB said there was a dusting/accumulation this morning when he went to work.
And here I am with the window cracked open to make sure Kotomi doesn't overheat... I'm still amused that she doubles as a space heater ^^

[it's just another question I can't resolve]
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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 10/8/2013 4:00:36 AM
MOOD: awake «
  [because you know that i]

Whoa, it has been a month already? I knew last month went by quick but didn't realize it was that fast! Eep!

Short catchup/recap:
1) Had only one tardy last month! Woot! Down under three occurrences, so theoretically I'm promotable now. Except maybe for being on a "plan" due to long call times last month... Whatever. Call times I really don't think I can do much about.

This month I've already had a tardy, and my sleep schedule is off again, but I can sleep in tomorrow so hopefully that will help.

Also, I think I didn't take lunch to work 4 out of 5 days last week -_- That's a waste of lettuce and having to eat at Wendy's, so going to avoid eating out this week and next if at all possible. Not enough of a food budget this month, sigh.

(Speaking of budget, I need to pay my rent tomorrow...)

2)...and I've only put in one job application.
2b) On the other hand, Jason says he knows of a guy who is looking for some website work, so that'll be a nice little side project, if it's something I can do.

3) Guess I should clean the bathroom tomorrow if I have time (need to also run errands and make a chili and do dishes, not in that order).

4) Just this week got my wallpaper to be the weather forecast. So that's pretty shiny. Apparently I'm slacking on actually *doing* things, though, and that's a Bad Sign.
Haven't done any coding work on the rest of that weather-data-analysis thing yet, either.

5) Chuunin exams... that's been a lot of work. Still more to come. Including printing a bunch of stuff from last session that we didn't have paper for (one of the errands I have to run tomorrow).

6) Star Craft wasn't working for a while, but got that fixed yesterday. In the meantime I've been watching anime (inhaled Shingeki no Kyojin, which starts out AMAZING but has a "now go read the manga" ending. Aside from that it's probably A-rank, and I want to rewatch it already) and that's mostly why I've been up so late. I think I watched that entire series in 3 nights, maybe 4... Working slightly on BGC2040, but really need to plan out some projects and get some work done instead of just consuming entertainment.

7) Oh, and in other news, in Tim's ninja game this past week, my character was the only one who didn't get KO'd. I think I got off easy since the other PCs weren't finished off while they were down, and the calvary arrived in the nick of time... but my character is probably one of the most confusing for me to play. He gets scared (aka, feels out of his element) a LOT and also gets very arrogant when he's worried. That's not a bad thing, necessarily :)

Hm, so, plans for this month?
Not many yet, honestly.

1) Going to visit Lucy & Alice (and also Storm and Nightcrawler, this time) sometime around the 22nd (Oo, that's also when I get paid next!)

2) Need to look into replacing the CPU fan on this machine after all, because the temperature has been getting higher recently, so much so that it seems to be throttling itself to cool off, and that's with less than a full load. (I want to max out this processor as much as possible, since I did get Folding@home to work on it!)

..but aside from that and ninjas, my calendar is pretty empty right now...

Oh, a few other pieces of interest:
1) I'm a bit worried about being depressed again, because for the last few weeks I've been cooking practically nothing, mostly living on bread, V8, and sandwiches. I know cooking is a pain, but I'm not sure why I'm avoiding it so much this past month-ish.

1b) On a slightly related note, I'm also trying to pay more attention to the fat content of the foods I buy. Not sure that's useful, but we'll see how it goes. I do like grains and bread, so as long as I get enough veggies and fruits somewhere for vitamins, I shan't starve.

2) I've got some sort of lump inside my lower lip, it's been there for a couple weeks now I think. Kind of annoying, but doesn't hurt. Doesn't seem to match any of the common or warning things on the internet (hard, not painful, moves easily) so not sure if it's a swollen saliva gland or what. If it doesn't shape up by the end of the month I'll have to figure out how to get it looked at--my first medical expense in years.

2b) Also related medical thing that I noticed a couple months back--my left eye has some sort of dark spot, mostly only noticeable when I move my head. No idea what that means. Will mention it whenever I get an eye exam for new glasses here in several months (once I've saved up a few hundred for that).

[can see your sweat / can see your bed with tears]
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 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 9/9/2013 12:01:21 AM
MOOD: accomplished «
  [ Now where'd my Wheel of Morality(TM) go? ]

Ouch. Just about 2 months gap this time? Sorry! (Not that anyone reads these anymore... but I like leaving some sort of paper trail here, since I haven't been keeping any real sort of diary since I moved.)

Doesn't seem like much of import has happened; work is the same old--except for new processes that really are a good thing to have, there's just been a lot to adjust to--which simply means there is a variety of things I'm being pushed to do, as usual. I don't suck at this job, but I try to be too helpful, essentially. That, and people don't understand that wireless is a perk, and it's slow. Seriously, people: don't try to watch HD video on a wireless connection, and don't cry to me when it starts working. There's reasons it took what, forty years to get wireless Matrix? Ah, it wasn't that long really, maybe just 30 before it started showing up, but another ten (and Crash 2.0) before it went ubiquitous, and that's probably Sader-Krupp's fault as much as anything else--but I digress.

In other job-related news, I *have* been doing much better at waking early (or even on time)--haven't had any occurrences in about two weeks. Not entirely sure what to make of that, but I suppose it's a good thing.
Also related to occurrences: there was a recent communication telling everyone to start taking breaks and lunches as scheduled. I still don't think I'm going to do that much (I like a short break at 4, lunch as late as possible, and then the rest of my break just before the end of my shift) as they like scheduling breaks and lunches close together, or very early in my shift. However, they specifically mentioned that taking a break in the final hour of one's shift counts as "call avoidance" which is, presumably, a Very Bad Thing, so I'm trying to take my final break sometime between 8 and 8:30 instead. Ah well.

And now: followup from last post!
1) Still have not done job searching. I suck, and I only have a few months left to land something; though I think I'll have to postpone my "quit" date to Feb 1 in order to take proper advantage of paid vacation time.
2) Just cleaned the bathroom again; 2 months is far too long between cleanings, but it's better than previous...
3) Never did get to see my mum for lunch/chinese, but she and my dad stopped by a couple times so I guess that counts?
4) Ah, so it has been about 2 months since my last haircut! Didn't get to that today, so have to this Tuesday.

5/PS) Did get the Ford Taurus. After repairs the whole thing was close to $3000, which isn't too bad considering it has fewer miles than the Grandam (which cost $4000 en toto).

It still makes clanky noises, mostly due to the sway bar having a loose clamp, or whatever that's called... so far the replaced sway bar links have not broken, which is a good sign. Only one link was intact when I got the car.

Decided to keep the Grandam around as an emergency vehicle (and also since it took /forever/ to get the Taurus finished), which was a good decision because my roommate's transmission finally died a week or so back. So he's driving the Grandam to work and such until he gets back on his feet and can get something better. If that takes more than two months I may make him buy it off of me for a few hundred, but we'll see how that goes down. In the meantime I get to bother him for the upkeep on it.

OK, that's enough about cars :p

New Stuff:

1) Like I said, need to do jobhunting. I think I have a slightly better handle on it, but there's still a lot of anxiety there, mostly because I haven't done any tech job interviews, and don't know what to expect AT ALL.

2) I have an idea for a side data project; I can plausibly do the number-crunching as a Linux script/cron job, but would like to see if I can retrofit it completely to a webpage. Either way, I also want to end up with the 2-day forecast on my desktop, refreshed automagically. That'll be a completely different script, and may have one or two other things to deal with as well to finish setting it up.

3) Ah, right: ninjas. Trying to set up the Chuunin exams. Also trying to avoid having to stat up every single other nin, but there are a couple ways around it--starting with, only have 65 genin present, and not all of them will even be in the second exam, let alone the final. Still, GMing this is eating up a lot of my time. After the exams I'm expecting to ask for a break so I can plot out the next time period, etc etc...

4) Haven't had a chance to work on any setup for AMVs... but I have been catching up on some anime! Got a couple DVDs with good footage for the "HSKT" concept video (which has probably been done before but should be good for a "pure" video). Have to re-rip it though, since it has footage at mixed speeds. Sigh. Seems easier to rip once at each speed than try to have the ripper figure out what speed any particular frame is.

5) Oo, my brother got a weekend job at the Ren Faire! He's pretty amped about it, and I would be too.

6)Brad found the Tri-Stat "cyber punk setting" book , Ex Machina, so I'm borrowing it first, apparently. Not entirely sure what to make of it, aside from ideas on how a setting book should be laid out. Might be worth putting together something in the way of a Tri-stat Ninja setting book. Like I'll ever have the time for that ;)

7) Mostly been playing StarCraft 2, watching anime, and listening to "Welcome to Night Vale" podcast (via SoundCloud but the first link has a variety of feeds). I highly recommend the latter; it's amazingly shiny.

Speaking of anime, I'm currently going through Read or Die (OVA and TV series) and Tim says that BGC 2040 is on Netflix, so that'll be next; got to see the original OVA and the first half of 2040 several years back but never did get to finish it. (And then I'll have to dig up Crash, but that will be for later...) Also intending to try to find the AMG manga at some point; not sure if I can spend the time on the anime of that or not, but whatever.
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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 7/11/2013 4:54:53 PM
MOOD: awake «
  First off--nothing much exciting going on. At least it's not been a full month since my last post... and I ahve gotten a little AI work done on my web-game. Now trying to get out to do car shopping, and the usual ninja stuff.

Until yesterday, at least.

I texted most of my people about this, but got some additional details today and the pictures will be easier to see here.
(I'll "spoiler" the pix just so they don't take up so much room on the main page.)

Yesterday around 4pm, it's almost time to go on break, but I decide to take another call instead. I get the caller's account pulled up and they start explaining their issue, when the people around me start screaming and hiding under their desks. The windows outside is in the next row over, so I can't see what's going on--it looks dark out, but the window is tinted so that normal days still look almost stormy. 10 or 15 seconds later, it sounds like hail is hitting the roof above me, and then the drop ceiling starts bouncing.

This is the point where I decide that something serious is actually happening, and I take cover under my desk as well.
(all this time, the caller is going on about... something. I think they said "router" at some point. I wasn't paying attention anymore; too busy trying to determine What Just Happened.)
The power is flickering off and on; the generator is probably trying to kick in, but it still takes another.... 10 or 15 seconds? (I have no idea how long it was, but wasn't very long) Once the noise dies down and it seems safe to come out, there's a call center manager at the end of the row yelling and waving at everyone to get out of the main room and into the break room.

So I try to calmly tell the caller that we just got hit by a tornado and I'm sorry but he'll have to call back.

And then I quickly-but-not-running get out of there and into the break room. I would've grabbed my bag, but the manager seemed rather urgent, so I left it for the moment.

They end up taking us over to the gym, then back into one of the unused rooms; people are talking about being able to see the sky through the ceiling, funnel clouds, smelling gas, the "smoker's tent" outside is gone, this girl over here got hit on the head by a falling ceiling tile... lots of confusion and "what's going to happen next?" This is when I finally get a chance to start texting people to let them know what's going on.

After maybe T + 30 minutes the police have shown up and we're let outside--fortunately not raining, as my jacket is with my bag--and told to go home. The room I was working in is off-limits till further notice, so I elect to leave my gear behind and try to pick it up later.

My car is fine, everything else in the parking lot seems fine (aside from a bunch of foam insulation debris, and the metal "smoker's tent" being gone). Can't see the flat roof very well from ground level, but the area near the row I'd been sitting in no longer has any overhang. (Thought I had a pic of that, but can't find it now, sorry!)

So after a bunch of texting and trying to get a couple pictures, I start driving home around 5pm.

I pass one building that *does* look like it got hit by a tornado; later I found out that the roof there collapsed partly; from this angle you just can't tell what's happening.

Lots more fire trucks and police cars here, though. And there were even two buses that showed up with "evacuation" as the destination-sign-thing on the front; first time I'd seen that.

So after a lot of driving around lost trying to find a way out that wasn't horribly traffic jammed (considering a lot of traffic lights were out and it's 5pm now so it's rush hour plus the extra traffic) I get back to the condo by 630. No power outages, yay.

And then today I still haven't heard anything, so I drive back to work to get a damage report and try to reclaim my gear.

There are some trees down along my usual route (not on the road, though) and several people out collecting the roof-insulation debris still.

When I actually get to work, I'm told that the roof did partly collapse, and we're probably on paid vacation till Sunday. I do get my gear back, and there's a website posted to check as to when we'll be back up and running. Rumor is that our data center was destroyed, I imagine from rain damage afterwards.

The roof damage is more obvious, and they've got people up trying to fix it:

As points of reference, the smoker's tent was in front of the window at the end of the middle row of cars, and the row I was sitting at is between the two windows there.

Speaking of the smoker's tent, it is now across 270 in a electric line tower:

Not the clearest/closest picture, sorry, but they've got a crane up trying to get it down--it's just a corrugated metal roof on metal poles; pretty light.

There are unofficial reports of a funnel cloud, including at least one picture that I've seen, but we're still waiting to hear officially if there was a tornado or just a "microburst" or something like that.

Oo, just found a good news report about my building and not just the other stuff in the area! The guy talking at around the 1:15-1:20 mark is one of my coworkers... and that's the first I heard about damage to cars in my parking lot. The pictures there are from the NW corner of the lot, though. The broken Teleperformance windows look like they're from the training building across the street, I think.

Oh, and the "smoking shed" referenced at 1:10 or so is the same thing I had a pic of, only they got to zoom in on it :)

...and now that I've wasted a couple more hours of my day getting this all set up >_> my plans for the next couple days off work:
1) job searching
2) cleaning
3) seeing my mum for dinner
4) anything else I need to catch up on while I have some time (possibly including a haircut).
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