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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 4/13/2014 1:38:15 AM
MOOD: cheerful «
  Not... quite 2 week gap. Sorry about the missing week, trying to make this a Sat-night-after-work thing.
...Though I guess with next Sat Passover, I'll gap again. Well, maybe some mid-week after-work thing? Eh. We'll see.

Resetting timelogs since my last post, but first, here's results since last time:
* Lots of time spent reading (and a couple hrs watching anime , more on that later)
* Decent amount of time spend on Earthdawn (still working on chardev stuff, since TRB wants a nice bit of background written up and I'm trying to comply)
* Several hours spent on games, though over a two week period I only logged 7 hrs? That's much lower than I'd expect; again, more on that later.
* Actual projects have 3, 2, 1, and 0 hrs logged. Part of that was the website I'm trying to move FROM had a week or so of downtime and I didn't feel like trying to recreate database structure from scratch.


5) ...still no library. sheesh. Maybe tomorrow? Well, that and comic books, since I finally have a free day.

6) Temps finally got back up to 55 either today or yesterday... so when I get a few minutes downtime I need to clean the heatsink and undervolt again, see what that does. Also, I should try rerunning that POV render that will take a week or so of processing, and see how Kotomi handles that now. :3

A) Sleep times seem to be smoothing out a bit.

alpha) Emotional seems to be mostly handled, but I've really been depressive. I'm gonna expand on this in a later section though.

beta) ya know, I think I'll just got for Win7. So gotta set up a plan for saving up for that.

1) No new news. This is backburner stuff so I'll just repost when/if I have something worth saying.

New stuff:
B) So someone at work is trying to make friends with me. This is a curiousity; there was an older lady that I ate lunch with during my first year or so there, but she ended up... moving to Las Vegas, was it? I forget.
So anyway, not entirely sure what to make of it. It's good for morale, though, and made me realize that I don't have any female friends out here since Lucy moved away. Not sure what to make of THAT either.
Our days off don't mesh at all, so she's only at work 3 of my workdays... but apparently she lives somewhere in the same town here.

C) So, um, yeah. Depression. Not sure how much is due to social isolation (I really only see my roommate maybe two evenings a week? And have people to hang out with only one night every other week... and really only get time to Do Stuff on my own twice a week, IF I'm not visiting friends instead. The latter usually happens.) I don't really FEEL depressed but I've not been in a writing mood in over a year, I'm spending more time than I expect to just reading... and very little time working on projects. So depressed or not, I am REALLY drained, and either not recovering properly or don't have enough time for it. (Can't quite tell which.)

D) TGB and I did get to do two fun things this past week or so:
* We started watching Sword Art Online; well, he started rewatching it with me after
I think it's really episodic (too much timeskip and it totally ignores the mundane aspects of "life" in that setting, which doesn't work outside of a mundane setting), but so far it's interesting enough.... and trying to work through setting up a political framework in a 10-thousand-or-less-and-counting-down VR world that people are just dumped into... and each person beats the game or dies on their own... that would be freaking awesome. Except I'd probably suck at it ;)
* Also watched Captain America: Winter Soldier.
Pretty solid movie. I seem to have one minor displeasure, one comment, and two compliments. Oh wait, and another comment/bit of canon weirdness. Spoilering them, because.

* Easter this upcoming week.
* First 'real' Earthdawn session.
* GURPS on Tues, before Earthdawn. That'll be interesting >_>
* Now that I've got a website set up again, I need to repopulate the databases and get back to work on the purchase/sell AI for my game.

(Saving a copy of this just in case I break the site again)
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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 3/30/2014 10:21:18 PM
MOOD: energetic «
  [even when my heart is cold]

Hmm, "caffeineated" is not a mood here, TGBob?
Regardless... trying to update a bit more frequently here. "Only" 2 week gap this time?

Not doing great at the hourly thing, but I am trying to get back into tracking what I'm spending my time on, since I totally stopped doing that within a year of moving out here. Mostly it didn't seem like I had enough time to DO anything to make tracking it matter, but... I'm not moving forward, which means time IS being spent (on nothing) so that needs to change.


4) Um.. that was "TRB" not "TRG". Sorry :(
I did find the missing email though; still working on updating to the new campaign.
Also have a couple things from ninja wrapup to do by next week, and a huge pile of catchup sessions to synopsify.

5) Yup, still no library.

6) Undervolted again (twice) and did a little better at cleaning the heatsink, and temps are now under 55 folding on all cores O.o Not sure how she'll handle ripping DVDs since that was hotter last time I tried it... but I don't think I have anything that needs ripping right now.

A) And of course I'm staying up later and not waking up again. Bah. Saturdays have been "going to work with only 4 hrs sleep" which isn't as bad as it sounds since Sat afternoons tend to have a reasonable amount of downtime between calls... but Sat nights / Sundays are weird; I've been crashing early, getting a four hour nap, then crashing again before I can get to church and getting another 4hr nap or so.

No GURPS this Mon AM so if I can wake early I'll get to the library?

New stuff:

alpha) This past week or so was a nasty mix of depressed/emotional. I think I'm regaining some sanity but thats always tenuous/fleeting.

beta) Microsoft is retiring support for WinXP sometime in the next 3 weeks... so I'm not sure if prices will drop for it online, or if I'll have to end up getting Win7 for a virtual machine. In the latter case, I'll have to save up some money for that...


1) Debating my approach to the internets. On the one hand it's outdated, but on the other... I really can't get a smartphone without ripping ALL the software out to avoid sending 'free' GPS info back upstream. I'm not if thats a viable option or if it's too much trouble, but I'm also not considering that enough to do the research on it.

If I DO get a smartphone, I would require some sort of virtual keyboard app (which may not exist in a viable state yet) and a VPN connection to my home machine, similar to a supercomputer/terminal setup.

Google glass (or similar AR appliance) would make the interface easier, obviously...

But yeah. I don't like the social media / self-as-brand drek, but when I get a job that allows microbreaks and use of smart/cellphones->internet, I will be very tempted to push one of my side identities that way, presuming I can find one worth publishing content under.

My rationale?
Well, word on the street is that Facebook is starting to pull a MySpace... and it's made a couple moves that seem to be moving away from its current niche anyway.

Of course, I'm mostly just consuming content rather than creating any, but I do seem to like boosting signal for some things... so I'll be looking into ways to do that, in the next year or so. This is all medium-term stuff.\

Also, I seem to be coming down from today's caffeine dose, so I'm going to stop rambling and try to get on to other things for tonight.

More later/eventually :)

[you assure me it's worthwhile]
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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 3/23/2014 4:45:26 AM
MOOD: 111111 «
  ...Seriously? Why does it always take a month for me to update things here? I guess because it feels like I have Big Important things to write about instead of just short bits? I dunno exactly, but I'm hoping to make myself do a bit more blogging in the future.

I'm also toying with the idea of limiting myself to just an hour for any given activity, but thats mostly so I can try to make some actual progress on things, and not just burn all my time. I'm too good at that >_<

OK, first some followups on previous posts:

1) Found an anime called Psycho-Pass that I watched by myself; it was pretty good; somewhere between Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex and Darker Than Black. Probably A-ranked but maybe just B; it also left the possibility of a second season open, but they wrapped up all the plot threads that I'm aware of so I really don't expect much from a second season. Anyway ;p

3) With my new schedule, social stuff is pretty much out the window. I see TGB once or twice a week, and have been awake till 6 or 7 am too many times. (More on this later.) GURPS has gotten moved to Mon noon-3pm so at least that's something keeping me waking earlier. Pyro still hasn't entirely recovered, haha, but an angel seems to have told the rest of the group her proper given name now :D :D We've been doing that game for several months now and I'm not sure where the plot is going but events are certainly proceeding, and now the sky above the town is all red as if the town is on fire... but it's not. yet. The girl is trying to change that but not intentionally, lol.

4) Ninjas did get wrapped up, we have a week to Earthdawn starts so I need to flesh out my character background. Can find my background discussions with TRG from last time though :(

5) Have been reading a little less somehow, actually. Though I'm borrowing a book from Jen. Still haven't gotten to the library next door, either :< :<

6) Got some canned air, cleaned out the fan+heatsink, temps are generally back just under 60 C. Forgot to adjust the undervolting >_<

8) Work on the AMV is being very slow, but I'm got an intro and bridge that I'm more or less happy with, and some other tentative scenes.
This is a 4-minute song though, and Vash talks too much! Lol.
I will be happy if I can find a short song to work on for a bit, if I can find one I have footage for.....

Other recent/new news:

A) Two days ago I checked my schedule and my Saturday shift has been moved back to 1330-2200! Woot! Of course I checked it on Friday, lol, but yay! That's kindof double-edged, since it means I only have about 12 hrs between Friday and Saturday shifts, but it's also a second reason for me to be waking up before noon—and that's always a good thing.

B) Bad-but-out-of-the-way news from this past month is that I hit a rock on my way home from work, put a leak in my transmission fluid pan, and took a couple weeks getting parts to get that repaired :( But that's all taken care of, and was paid for but the monies I got selling the Grand Am, so it stayed off my budget. That was nice at least ;p Now I just have to finish cleaning up the fluids that leaked in the garage -_-

So, new stuff:

First, I only got about four hours sleep last night, and so I got home from work and got... a three hour nap. Now I'm awake again. Sigh. But I'm awake enough to do stuff at least, so trying to find Things To Do (like post this. Hah.)

Second, um... I forget. Give me a second :p Mm... I know I've been trying to think through a couple things, and I'm intending to post some of that, but This Is Not That Blog.
[spends some time trying to get internet radio to work]
Nope, I still don't remember what else I was gonna post. Hah.

Oh! I'm supposed to visit Jen tomorrow, so I'd like to get back to sleep, but if I end up being awake... I'm thinking about trying a church in Dublin that I visited with my parents once a couple years back. I'll update on that once I update here again ;)
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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 2/23/2014 2:43:28 AM
MOOD: excited «
  [how you're killing me]

Blargh. It's been over a month since I moved? I must've been more out of it than I realized... Sure, I've been a bit more busy, but mostly just not feeling like writing; and both this and ninjas have suffered for it.

ok, so first: End-of-year financials, spoilered as usual:

Other quick catchup:

1) Still haven't done any anime ::sadface:: And... I honestly forget how Steins;Gate ended. Pretty sure it got an A but I really should rewatch it in a year or so to verify.
TGB has been going through Futurama though, and we've both been playing videogames on WiiU.

2) Debating getting a Chromecast, as Kotomi-chan and the bigscreen are on opposite sides of the room, but... I don't like the idea of giving Horizon my monies.

3) Friday nights are hanging out with Jason (usually), Random night during the week is Smash Bros with TGB, another random night is that GURPS game I mention (so far we have mostly all managed to have a solo adventure or two and not (quite) die though the pyro is about to wake up in a hospital and probably burn herself out burning the place to the ground.... she's crazy, have I mentioned that? TONS of fun.

4) Tues is still ninjas, though we're about halfway through the final phase of the Chunin Exams, and I'm passing GM duties to TRB after that, and we'll be playing Earthdawn for a while. So theoretically that will free up some of my time...

5) Still working on reading fanfic... mostly have been trying to talk myself into rereading Neon Exodus Evangelion, but another chapter of Drunkard's Walk was released recently, and I've lso been reading a smidge of other Eyrie Productions stuff...

6) Undervolted Kotomi-chan a smidge more; forgot I was doing that, actually <<; but when ripping some DVDs (getting to that in a minute) she started overheating again... so I need to clean out the heatsink again, it looks like. Quite dusty under these stairs! But all I did last time was add a case fan and clean the heatsink and she was back to “normal” operating temps. So I'm still putting off getting a big heatsink, because why?

7) Weather has been awesome. we had weeks, if not close to a month, of sub-freezing temps, so I got used to it and didn't have anything to complain about. Plus snow! Yay! but it thawed this week, so hopefully we won't have much cold aside from the stray spring blizzard ::crosses fingers::

New stuff:

A) I got Trigun for Christmas ^^ well, got an amazon card, and just recently got around to using it, and that's what I got. Also, I've ripped it to my hard drive, so now I can actually start work on an AMV for it that I'm been wanting to do for quite some time! I'm pretty excited about that.

B) And in further unrelated news: My friend Jen has been kinda down on her luck the past month or so, and I've not talked to her much at all this month, so I got to call her today after work, and she's been busy! Apparently she's getting promoted to supervisor-type position (at FedEx or UPS or suchlike) after a couple months of part-time work around Cambridge, and she's also transferring to Pittsburgh! In like a week, the transfer was set up (slated for June) and she got an apartment to move into out there, and everything.
I don't talk about her a whole lot, but I've been trying to get her out of New Corncob for YEARS. I am possibly more excited for her moving than I was for my last move.
That also gives me another reason to look for a job in Pittsburgh... since I just moved out here with TGB I don't feel right moving out on him too soon, so I'm gonna be focusing Columbus for a while still, but if I'm here at the end of the year I will be trying to move to Pittsburgh, and I guess we'll just have to see how that goes! Prayers desired, this stuff is scary for me.

[so easily]
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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 1/17/2014 1:58:16 AM
MOOD: energetic «
  [when we went on the matterhorn]

Emergency core dump:
As tgb noted on facebook, tomorrow is Moving Day!
At least this time you get more than 5 minutes notice before the tractor starts up ;) Hooray for the internet and early warning systems!

But anyways--I'll be offline for over 24 hrs while we wait for internet install (to be done while I am at work as usual on Saturday).

And the new place is about 5-10 miles from my workplace, so the commute will be greatly reduced. There may even be a back route; I shall have to ask Google before I close up here tomorrow.

Sorry I haven't gotten a year-end post done yet; most of the analysis is completed, I just haven't written and posted and created the chart(s) for it. Thats next on my to-do list; I'm mostly over my addiction to the computer game I got for Christmas (haven't quite beaten it, but the next boss is gonna be a lot of work to finish off, apparently, and I'm not sure it's worth it).

And then I have a couple anime to watch with TGB on the bigscreen TV (I did mention getting that, here, didn't I? Or did I forget again that I got the thing?)

Debating hooking Kotomi-chan up to that instead of a monitor, just to see how some of these games play at ultra resolutions, but probably won't--would like to keep the TV free for Netflix and/or video games, instead of hogging it for nothing better than curiousity.

Anyways, ending core dump here--will try to update sooner once we're back up and running, just wanted to give a quick update.

[one cannot be too sure]
PS: none of you will get this video but I'm leaving it for TGB ;) and as a placeholder for myself. I don't know the lyrics but the tone seems to fit the music for me--but then again, I have context.
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