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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: tgbob «
» POSTED ON: 1/17/2021 1:06:34 AM
MOOD: 111111 «
  So, other than the Hello World 2.0 post I last made, I haven't really posted in a while about what's new in life. So, to catch everybody on what's going on with me, I thought I'd take a moment to go over some events of importance this past year or so. Since I have a lot to say about the events, I'm going to separate the thoughts into separate posts over the next few days.


I started streaming on Twitch! I've had a Twitch account for quite a while, but I never really tried streaming on it... Mostly just had it so I could follow a couple people on that platform. (In fact, I'm watching a stream right now!) But with the pandemic and being mostly shut in due to it, I decided that I would start streaming as a way to have some communication with people!

Interesting how it is turning out... Nearly everybody that tunes in on a regular basis are people that I've never met before! This is definitely testing my introverted self, as I'm having to be "entertaining" and all that other stuff that streamers do to attract new viewers. I would like to see some people I know personally visiting the stream so I can chat with people I know while I'm gaming, but I am proud of the tiny community I've built there already!


I do get the occasional friend stopping in, though! Sometimes when I stream, Dylan from The Craic Show will stop by! He has also gotten into streaming since the band had been unable to play due to the pandemic. So you could say we've bonded over Twitch streaming. But whenever he stops by, he'll almost always say "DO A KICK FLIP!!!" I have to laugh when he does that, and I will do my best to pretend I have one of those Tech Deck mini skateboards and act like I'm doing a kick flip trick with the invisible board!

But yeah, I've been having fun with the whole streaming thing. I still don't understand how or why some people will actually pay me money to watch me play games (which they can totally do for FREE!), but I guess I must be doing something right with it! I'm still not completely comfortable with strangers trying to promote me or trying to converse with me, especially when they try to get too familiar with me, but it has been fun meeting new people, sharing the love of gaming, and just having some sort of social interaction!

So, if anybody would like to check out the channel, feel free to give it a visit here:

T.G.Bob's Twitch Channel

And... just for kicks and giggles (mostly giggles), below is a video of me doing some stupid shenanigans in a game of Fall Guys. That's been one of my favourite games to play on stream, and a lot of craziness tends to happen there!

Anyway, that's the rundown of my newest hobby, Twitch streaming! I'll post again with another summary of what's been happening lately!

- TG
  » NP : Biittersweet Twitch Stream
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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: tgbob «
» POSTED ON: 1/11/2021 8:56:59 PM
MOOD: aggravated «
  I'm actually writing something for real! How long has it been? Well, other than posting a couple videos, that is...

Anyway, since I'm mostly remaining absent from social media, I may end up posting more often on here, just as a way to collect my thoughts and such. I am also revisiting some of the functionality of my site and will be making some decisions as to where I take it in the future. Don't worry, I'm not going to be trashing it! But I will be updating a bunch of stuff as well as putting some much needed safeguards in place.

In fact, I've already put one in place! If anybody had checked out the Guestbook lately, you will no doubt see that it had been overrun by so much spam. So much garbage, some of which may have been either filler text or special characters to share who-knows-what (I didn't want to investigate, just in case), as well as links to nefarious sites, were flooding the entire page. I had already had some functionality in place to delete the offending messages, but when I've been gone for so long, the work would add up to remove those messages. Plus, I wasn't preventing the offenders from returning and doing it all over again.

Well, I've cleaned up the Guestbook, and have put some new functionality in place where I can (and will) drop the ban-hammer on offenders. I know initially, it will be a game of cat and mouse, but I'm going to be very diligent, especially over the next few weeks, as I crack down on the garbage being posted there. Hopefully, I will curb the rampant spamming there very soon.

Other future near-term updates will mostly be security-related, so stay tuned for that. One of the updates may require deleting or updating existing accounts, depending on activity. I need to run some tests on the code base before I start implementing that, but I'm hoping to get some major updates in place, then look into how to expand the site.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing this community thrive again!

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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: tgbob «
» POSTED ON: 9/2/2020 12:37:33 AM
MOOD: ninja «
  Hopefully by the end of this video, your Japanglish will be good enough to be able to pronounce the words in this song, including this post's title! If you have trouble, there's a sumo wrestler who will break it down for you!
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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: tgbob «
» POSTED ON: 8/27/2020 12:34:59 AM
MOOD: verklempt «
  It's been a while...
Since I could...
Post a gosh darn blog!!!

Well, I could... But just didn't...
And now I am!
Aren't you proud of me?
I hope you are!

To go back to tradition... tradition...

Here's an AMV I just found!
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» CATEGORY: Member Blog
 BY: Strike & Co. «
» POSTED ON: 12/28/2014 3:10:46 AM
MOOD: caffeinated «
  [where loneliness is neverending, condescending]

Moar stuff!
Am I actually updating semi-regularly now?
well, no. bah.

HOWEVERS: Need to inform anyone who reads this still that I can read email again! Had to resort to FTP instead of proper filesharing, but... whatever. I've got email and other files from about a year ago restored, but I have to find out what STMP server I was using for outgoing email; apparently I hadn't fixed that on my old machine :/

Also, I need an alignment and an oil change; I'm staying up too late recently and slept in too much today.
I did have my work schedule changed to 8am-5pm M-F though, so if I can quit drinking caffeine and staying up late I'll be able to start going to church again. That should be helpful.

Also, I need to wrap up my budget from this past month so I can do my yearly analysis soon ^^

[it leaves a bitter taste... for now]
I APPROVE!!!!!11one I DISAPPROVE!!!!!11