»  BruceThams | 12/9/2019 4:19:28 PM
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»  T.G.Bob | 12/9/2019 1:47:53 AM
  First legitimate guestbook post in a while! Woot! Trying to clean up the site some, so let's see how long this squeak-clean guestbook lasts! :)
»  Menelok | 5/19/2012 2:21:01 AM
  Yes ... the design is clearly needed to be changed :)
The dark green color would fit perfectly xD
»  T.G.Bob | 5/9/2012 10:17:31 PM
  What up, Allie, Food, and Shake?
»  Steak and Shake | 5/8/2012 7:34:50 AM
  What up
»  Japanese Food | 5/8/2012 7:32:00 AM
  I'm ur brother's daughter's friend and she is awesome yo
»  Allie | 5/8/2012 7:28:58 AM
  I'm friends with TGBob's brother's daughter
»  RONDINI..AKA the gret Rondini | 10/24/2011 2:06:29 PM
  i loved the video of fest had a great time booked there for next year too..

iwould like you to reach me ..i like to talk to you about that video that was shot in ren,fest... it would mean a lot to me please..reach me by email or call my office 3052407441..thku..
»  XRumerTest | 2/25/2011
  Hi there,

Love is a conflict between reflexes and reflections.
»  T.G.Bob | 11/17/2010
  Good... how are you?
»  fuelusnedleva | 11/17/2010
  Hi all. How are you?
»  cheryl klee | 3/25/2010
  Living in florida and wanted to find pics of the hailstorm...and surprise, you live next door to my father, and you showed his house and for sharing!
»  *Indigo*Star* | 10/20/2009
  Hi, BradyBob!!! The site looks great! Excellent vidz of the RenFaire. Well done, my friend!
»  Sir Gryfang | 4/26/2009
  I'm ready to flame. Just as you requested. But for the sake of posterity I'll just post on your Guestbook.
»  T.G.Bob | 4/23/2009
  You know, you guys COULD sign up! It's free! Then you could flame everything I write! ;)
»  matty | 4/23/2009
  on the email about the jump that matt fellow seems like a awsome guy to think you might have the ability to make this jump you should have mad props for him
or he might have to whip you at raquet ball
»  Capt DMA | 4/23/2009
  So you like flashing me your zorro chicken do ya? Thought i would check out your site. Have a good evening.
»  Bob | 3/6/2009

Just figured I'd see what you were up to. I posted to your facebook page ~a month ago (but I'm figuring you don't use that much). but then I remembered you had a website.

I hope everythign is goign well for you.
»  CINDY B | 5/25/2008
  Thats cool, but be good about it!
I am signing your guest book in behalf of Wet Animal; of which I really love!! Thank you,
»  Melissa (Beltrondo) Klos | 4/15/2008
  Hi Brady! How are you? Very fun site...I saw it on the class reunion email list and had to check it out. Hopefully I will get back into town for the reunion and get a chance to catch up...Cheers!
»  T.G.Bob | 3/30/2008
  Testing to see if this still works... 'Lo... #I... Still good? Hope so... |\!@#$%^&*().,?'"'
»  manda | 9/15/2007
  I've signed your guestbook...WOOHOO!
»  Robin Rodgers | 8/26/2007
  Keep up the good work! Gives me a good heads up. LOL
»  T.G.Bob | 8/23/2007
  Testing this thing to see if it still works...

<img name="fake.jpg">

If the image does NOT appear, it works! ;p

-- TG
»  TimM | 4/2/2006
  Hi, I'm at your website. Pet adolf for me.
»  DavidM | 6/20/2005
  La la la.


Or was it 'ping'?
»  TGBob | 6/16/2005
  Testing this, just to make sure everything is still functional.
»  Erin | 9/21/2004
  I finally joined! Be glad I was quite bored and decided to FINALLY look on my list of favourite sites. I was like "Why not, I have time!"

And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaay.
»  Meggan Futey | 4/19/2004
  How do I get a membership?
»  DougEFresh | 4/1/2004
»  anastasia belashova | 9/2/2003
  hey, I love this site! Really proud of what you have accomplished and impressed with the award. Good luck in future accomplishments.
»  Cassie Estel | 8/25/2003
Thanks for being a great friend. Even tho you're so much older. I hope I can see you soon.
Love ya,
»  CJ | 7/20/2003
  BARDY, just writing to say I finally made it out to the sight, and plan on trying to stop out regularly. I'm going to put my site back up here in the near future minus the unattractive parts that seemed to draw the most attention to my site. Anyway, hopefully it will help you in your quest to rank first on google!!!!
»  Ashley | 7/12/2003
  Hey you know who i am i just thought that i'd stop by your site to "check it out" and just thought that i'd say "HI"
»  TGBob | 2/4/2003
  Naked girls? What "special" websites have you been looking at? Wait, don't answer that! I promise I will try to have some stuff up here soon, but nothing as illustrious as naked girls.
»  Doug Williamson | 2/3/2003
  C'mon. Where's the naked girls at? I thought this was one of them 'special' websites!!
»  Doug | 1/30/2003
  Yo. Don't think I forgot about my peeps back in the valley. Unfortunately, I have been, and will continue to be, hard to get ahold of up here at U of A. I don't have your email address, so send me a line at and I'll be able to reply. I don't plan on bein' back in S-town until Spring Break, which is in March sometime. Fill me in on the local gossip, let me know how all the guys are, and don't forget to nab your JITH '03 tickets. The lineup's "classic". You'll notice your buds, "Rascal Flats" on the menu. Holla......IF YA HEAR ME!!!!!!!!
»  Strike & Co. | 1/2/2003
Watch me type in a message for you to read later.
Enjoy, Bob.
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